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Written by Snow Scarmon   


Welcome to the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives (ITLP)!


Ask anyone in SL where to get help with building techniques and tips, and the majority will recommend the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives. It does not matter if you are an experienced builder working on a complex project or a newbie rezzing your first prim - ITLP will have the information to help.


ivory tower 1Created by Lumiere Noire, ITLP has an extensive library of well-illustrated tutorials to how to construct nearly anything you might want to build in Second Life. Lumiere’s on-going research is supported by Linden Lab, both by LL engineers and by LL management which now sponsors the cost of maintaining the ITLP sim. As Lumiere says, this generous support is good for the Lindens too because they have ensured the survival of this project, a project that is here to serve you, a resident of Second Life.


When you teleport in, the main entrance is straight in front of you. As you enter the building you are offered the first Notecard.


What the tutorials are: The tutorials are a thorough grounding in the properties of the different primitive (prim) types or building blocks, and the editing tools that are used on those primitives


What the tutorials are not: The tutorials do not demonstrate how to make specific things; rather, the examples are used to show how building principles in general. This project is intended teach the ‘ins & outs’ of building tools rather than object design.ivory tower 2

Assuming no prior experience, Lumiere has made the cards and instructions as clear and detailed as possible while still rich enough that experienced Second Life designers can learn things that they didn't know.


All lessons are arranged in stations that cover specific categories of information. The beginning of it all is Module 1, Station 1: Primitive Creation and Primitive Families, which is to your left and covers the basics of prims and building.

Here is a brief example how the lessons are structured.


MODULE 1, STATION 1; PRIM CREATION & FAMILIES....And basic camera use while building.


The first module of the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives (ITLP) gives you a general knowledge of primitives (prims); their creation, positioning, resizing, parameters and so on - actions and operations that apply to all prims no matter much they have been manipulated.


The first station introduces the color-coded prims that represent the seven basic primitive types that can currently be generated in Second Life.


This lesson covers creating objects, editing tools, linking and unlinking, and understanding what a root prim is. This module also includes what some would call the most import lesson of all, how to delete objects to clean up your work before moving on to the next step.


invery tower 3Learning how to manipulate prims is complicated enough; ITLP does not try to teach such things as scripting, particles, and advanced texturing. Although these topics are not covered by ITLP, Lumiere does provide a list places you can turn to for help.


All this is information you probably know but there are a few changes you might have missed. Now that the financial burden of the sim has been lifted while still under her control, Lumiere is able to continue to do research, update the tutorials and expand on how they are presented. One significant step is that now ITLP tutorials are available on the web. The advantage to this is that a new builder can have a tutorial open in his or her browser, be in a sandbox, and work through each lesson at the same time. The more experienced builder already familiar with building vocabulary can read the lessons on-line and skip the in-world trip to ITLP.


Ivory Tower of Primitives in SL

SLURL:    http://slurl.com/secondlife/natoma/210/164/27/ 


Ivory Tower of Primitives

website:   http://ivorytowerlibrary.com/primwiki


Ivory Tower of Primitives YouTube tutorials from Torley