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Hyasinth Tiramisu
Photo by Hyasinth Tiramisu


Clothing design in Second Life is one of the virtual world’s creative delights and the designers behind the many shops and looks are intriguing and inspiring. Where do they get their ideas? How did they get into the fashion business? Are they fashion designers or artists in real life as well as in Second Life? In a recent interview chat with Hyasynth Tiramisu, the creator and avatar behind Silent Sparrow, she told me about her designs, her inspiration, and how she has come to create her unique look and style.  Hyasynth has many dedicated followers from all around the grid, and her unique fashions are worn by both male and female avatars.

Hyasynth Tiramisu is the sole designer behind Silent Sparrow clothing and shops and she also does all the sales, marketing, shop design and models all of the clothes. Her style might not be exactly "librarian" daily wear in real life for everyone, but in Second Life it’s a real treat to wear arty clothes. Fashion as art in second life has direct links to real life creativity, especially when the creator hand designs original fabrics, styles and looks as Hyasynth Tiramisu has been doing since joining SL in 2005. She wasn't finding the clothes she wanted to wear back in 2005 so she decided to make her own. Her fashions are her own unique blend of Victorian, steampunk, fantasy, goth and casual - a look that Hyasynth admits is "eclectic" and she likes it that way. The outfits are completely hand drawn with intricate textures and richly detailed fabrics. They're a lot of fun and appeal to a variety loyal fans who appreciate the creativity that characterizes her designs. Eclectic is certainly an apt description since her most recent outfits include pajamas covered with animals - including bunnies, rats, bats, and yes, birds. Right after the pajamas, she released a set called "Helena", a "vintage gothic-inspired swim suit", followed a week later by the "Severin" suit, a "byronesque gothic suit of black velvet and brocade" that works equally well for girls and guys.

Her personality comes through in the playful, eccentric, and creative designs. Hyasynth says that most of her clothes have a story. The ideas for the outfits, dresses and suits come from her imagination, not from fashion pictures or real life designs so each one is different and unique. She says she loves victorian and steampunk and the imagery and details of the period and genre often appear in her outifts. A book lover and reader, she's a fan of The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, and her dresses could fit well in the neo-victorian setting.

Hyasynth's 4th Rez Day Party. Photo by Verde Otaared
Hyasynth's 4th Rez Day Party. Photo by Verde Otaared

Silent Sparrow has a group that currently numbers more than 4000 members. The parties for members are just as eclectic as the members and the costumes. Last month Hyasynth celebrated her fourth rez day with a party for her group with the costume theme of birthday massacre where guests were to wear Silent Sparrow gear with a layer of blood in celebration of the day. The music was fun and as different as the costumes. Silent Sparrow has group-only lucky chairs so group members get a chance for frequent presents of the unique designs.

Hyasynth chose her name as a play on words from a blend of the hyacinth flower and the word synthesizer coming from her musical background. She's also an animal lover and clearly fond of avians, with birds appearing frequently in her designs.

Hyasynth collaborates with designer friends and we can look forward to a special collaboration between Hyasynth Tiramisu and her designer friend Calico Ingamann for a Halloween costume that will coordinate Hyasynth's outfits and Calico's hair. Last year's Halloween collaboration produced unique looks to take an avatar all the way through winter in SL – or summer, fall and spring.

The creativity in Hyasynth Tiramisu's Silent Sparrow clothing reflects her vivid imagination, fueled by music, art and literature. It's a long way from the imagination to completion, she reports that it can take 45 to 60 hours to finish an outfit with many pieces.

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Blog: http://hyasynth.wordpress.com/

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