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On December 30, Rachelville on Imagination Island hosted a party featuring music, dancing, and cheerleaders.  DJ Baltra Torok of the Penny Lane Club came up with the idea of the cheerleading show.  The Second Life cheerleaders were led by head cheerleader, Christi Charron.  The show, which attendees remarked on as "awesome," "incredible," and "amazing," had a big audience.  "We had a very large crowd," Rachelville co-manager, Cindy Elkhart, said.  At one point, there were 40 people in the sim, and the number for the sim had to be increased.

Besides dancing and watching cheerleaders, partygoers could also test their bouncing ability on a trampoline (some SL heels caused ladies to lose points) and there was also a cheerleader kissing booth that, along with the tip jar, raised $L9,600 for Rachelville.

Those who attended the Rachelville event could also browse the new Rachelville Gift Shop run by Rachel Muldoon.  The gift shop currently sells toys, but a women's line of clothing is planned for the future.  All proceeds from sales go toward the AVL project.  Rocky Vallejo said, "Rachel has put a lot of her time and effort into the gift shop . . . Please take the time to stop by the shop and look things over.  There are only a few things for sale so far but they are wonderful examples of Rachel's creativity as well as her real life husband."



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