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Text and Photos by DULCIE MILLS
Machinima by CLARK ABISMO 

This month the RezLibris simseeing reporters try to capture the meaning of the SL holiday spirit as represented by the many beautifully decorated sims and Winterfest attractions throughout the grid. Travel with us as through a winter wonderland to Santa's workshop, a snowy Renaissance Village, a busy ski lodge, a romantic never never land of moonlight and ice and other places where you can enjoy the season from the comfort of your computer chair while sipping your hot chocolate as long as you don't get any on the keyboard. Cheers and Happy Holidays!decsimseeing1The best time of year in Second Life is the period from the end of November through mid to late February when SL snow starts to fall all over and holiday decorating and events begin to take place including the annual Winterfest of winter themed activities and attractions.  Instead of the regular simseeing column this month, the editors thought it would be nice to feature a few  lovely winter and holiday sims in all their festive splendor.  We tried to choose a variety of places from Santa's workshop in Winter Wonderland to the snowy Elizabethan holiday celebrations at Renaissance Island.  We make a stop at the Wolf Mountain Ski Resort and Winterlude Village, visit the magical and romantic winter Never Never Land, warm ourselves at the enchanted Creative Fantasy at Spellbound Woods, and chill out with the abominable snowman at the arctic Insula Inspiri North Ice rink.  These are just a few of the many beautiful winter and holiday destinations to get you in the holiday and seasonal mood.

decsimseeing3What is it about winter in Second Life that is so special?  Maybe it's the fact that SL is such a creative medium.  Building a snowman in real life is a challenge, so how much more so in SL?  And for those of us who never really got the hang of skating in rl, isn't it great to do all those fancy skating moves with such ease in SL?  What about decorating your house?  Putting up your virtual tree and hanging your virtual stockings is lots of fun and usually a lot less work than it is in real life and definitely much easier to put away.  And since the holidays is all about sharing with those special people in your life, isn't it great that you can send your SL friends cards or gifts from Xstreet or one of the great SL shops, or go out with them for a cup of hot chocolate or egg nog?  What's even nicer is that you can share in customs with people from all over the world because SL is international.  So, although it's a very busy and hectic time for people in real life with holiday shopping, finishing up papers for the end of the semester if you are in school, etc., it can still be a fun time if you can take a few moments to relax and log into SL to see some of the pretty places that are set for the holidays and winter season.  It will warm your spirit and start you singing.

decsimseeing2Slurl's to places videotaped and photographed in this article:

Winter Wonderland Skating Paradise

Creative Fantasy at Spellbound Woods

Insula Inspiri North Ice Rink

Renaissance Island

Santa's Winter Wonderland

Winter at Never Never Land

Winterlude Village

Wolf Mountain Ski Resort

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