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By Dulcie Mills and Eirene Janus
Machinima and photo by HVX Silverstar

slccThere was a healthy representation of SL Librarians at SLCC and we had a chance to catch up with several of them to get their personal reflections about their experience.  Franja Russell is the Portal Keeper of Talis Sci-Fi Fantasy Portal.   HVX Silverstar is an academic librarian who has been featured in our magazine before.  Alice Burgess, also an academic librarian was recently featured in RezLibris as one of Info Island's Volunteers of the Month.  Caledonia Heron is the Director of NASA eEducation island and works for the NASA Learning Technologies (LT) program. NASA eEducation Island LT has established a permanent NASA Education presence in Second Life (SL) that showcases and supports existing and planned NASA education efforts.  SL is a social media tool that NASA can use to introduce, teach and inform students and other educators about STEM learning and how it applies to NASA’s mission.

Why did you attend SLCC?

FR:  It was held where I live.  I never attended an SL conference before.  I hoped to learn techniques and processes that would help the Sci-fi & Fantasy Portal.

HVX:  To meet up with colleagues and to see what is happening in the various user communities in SL; to hear the latest updates from Linden Lab.... and for inspiration.

AB:  To learn about SL projects and innovations, to meet people, to share.

CH:  I attended SLCC to learn about innovative projects, find out about best practices and lessons learned and to network with my peers from SL.

What was your favorite part of SLCC?

FR:  Tough question.  Meeting people I know in SL was wonderful.  The techniques and processes presented were a huge help.  I learned about aspects of SL that I hadn't heard of.  People were there who I could ask technical questions.

HVX:  the Linden Lab Luau and opportunity to talk to anyone... just like in SL.

AB:  Informal conversations and making new connections.

CH:  I liked finding out about what people have tried in order to accomplish things in SL, what worked and what didn’t work.  I also enjoyed the keynote speakers which included a well known innovator Ray Kurzweil and executives from LL giving their perspective on future directions and upcoming innovations for Second Life.

What in particular do you think was of interest/benefit to librarians and educators attending SLCC?

FR:  Knowledge base,  making contact with people who can help with projects and ideas,  finding out about others with similar interests.

HVX:  The keynotes... so we can plan for what is coming down the road; the opportunity to get outside librarianship and see what other communities are doing.

AB:  I do think a RL conference is valuable.  I have attended SLCC 3 times now, and I always learn a lot and come back inspired.  I particularly enjoyed that the education track made a specific effort to feature sessions that were interactive.  So not just sitting in the audience watching someone else speak.  (NOTE:   I was on the education track committee, so maybe I'm biased, but as an attendee I did enjoy the difference!)

CH:  There were a wide range of education presentations at this year's conference including topics such as best practices, assistive technologies, collaborations, prototyping educational content and future directions.

Did you take part in any of the conferences?  If so, which ones?

FR:  I participated by listening avidly and taking a LOT of notes.

HVX:  Play Machinima Law (Stanford Law School) in April 2009, Health Informatics 2009 at UC Davis... and no money for other library conferences this year.

AB:  I was on the panel "Must play well with others: Recruiting, supporting and inspiring collaborative projects" and I also moderated the "Speed Geek" session.  I think the Speed Geek was an especially good session format, which I hope is repeated next year.  It was something like a poster session, where presenters stationed at different tables did demos and talked informally with visitors one-on-one or in small groups.   As an attendee, I stuck pretty much with the Education Track sessions and also attended all the general sessions.

CH:  Do you mean the workshops? No, I didn't attend any workshops.

Would you attend another SLCC in the future?  Why or why not?

FR:  Yes.  Next time I'll know more than I do now but will be just as interested in extending my skills.

HVX:  Yes, always... we have to support the community.  I did miss separate day(s) dedicated to educators as it was difficult to attend everything.. something had to give, unfortunately it was my own community in order to see what others outside are doing.

AB:  Yes definitely!

CH:  Yes, I would certainly attend SLCC again. It's a good opportunity to learn about innovative projects, network, talk with LL representatives and to meet and socialize with the people behind the avatars with whom you work.

Please add any other information about your experience at SLCC that you think readers of RezLibris or other librarians/educators may find of interest.

a)  I hope that the next conference will feature some of the workshops which were cancelled.  OR that they will be offered in SL.
b)  Finding my way around the inside of the Hotel for various workshops made me feel sorry for lab rats who have to run mazes.  A diagram of the two floors where gatherings were held would have been a huge help.
c)  The machinemas were excellent, so were the speakers.

HVX:  Yes, always... we have to support the community.  I did miss separate day(s) dedicated to educators as it was difficult to attend everything.. something had to give, unfortunately it was my own community in order to see what others outside are doing.

CH: In addition to the business and education side of SLCC there was a great contingent of musicians, artists and designers who spoke and performed bringing that very vibrant part of SL to the real world conference.


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