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A small congenial group of Second Life librarians met for dinner this week in Monterey, California. The occasion was the "Gaming & Virtual Worlds" dine-around at Information Today's legendary Internet Librarian 2009 conference.

The SL librarian group sans Patricia Paris at dinner. The bottom photo is the tasty real life dessert they shared.

Ralph Tomlinson (SL: BookFarmer Digfoot), Lorelle Anderson (SL: Ceres Eilde), Rowan Fairgrove (SL: Rosmairta Kilara), Patricia Parsons (SL: Patricia Paris), and curious real life librarian Lee MacMorris met at Isabella's, an Italian seafood restaurant on beautiful Monterey Bay. After an intense examination and heated debate about the merits of various white wines on the wine list, everyone introduced themselves, and an overview of Second Life was shared with Lee. We went on to discuss the day's topics and speakers, including the program "Managing Virtual Collections & Services, Across Platforms." that featured research on the Caledon Library. (To read that paper and review the presentation, go to: http://www.thelibrarymilitant.net/blog/web-addresses.html). The meal was tasty and the conversation superb. We lingered over the surprise dessert ("surprise" because they were complimentary from the chef), fried cheesecake (also kind of a surprise, but in a good way).

Following the meal, some of us hurried back to the convention center for the "Rockin’ Battle Decks" entertainment event. This was a game that pitted librarian against librarian in the grueling performance art that is the Powerpoint  presentation. Each contestant spoke off the cuff as a deck of about 20 strange and inscrutible (and, um, unrelated) slides were projected over their heads. The competition was tough, but our own Jambina Oh (RL: Amy Buckland) emerged the victor! Woot!

Hey Jambina, what would you say to defending your title -- in Second Life??!

Anyhow, fun was had by all, both real and virtual. See you there next year!

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